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NTA offers a series of high-impact programs that serve enhance the professional development of your employees. Our programs are custom-designed to meet your specific developmental needs. Flexibility is our top priority. We will work with your management team to define your challenges and coordinate solutions through the variety of programs NTA offers. NTA tailors each program to accommodate front-line, middle, and upper levels of management. Our core leadership program includes communication, employee development, analytical problem solving techniques, and planning strategies for organizing work. Programs can run from four (4) to twenty (20) hours in length, based on your individual customized plan. NTA will work with you to coordinate the schedule to best suit your needs and perform training on-site.

Management Programs

  1. Strategic Planning for Organizational Leaders
  2. Competencies for Management
    1. Communication
      • Listening and Organizing
      • Giving Clear Information
      • Getting Unbiased Information
    2. Employee Development
      • Motivating, Training, Coaching, and Delegating
      • Performance Appraisals
      • Progressive Disciplining
      • Styles of Leadership
    3. Planning Competencies for Organizing Work
      • Setting Goals and Standards
      • Planning and Scheduling Work
      • Prioritizing Tasks and Managing Time
    4. Analytical Competencies
      • Identifying and Solving Problems
      • Weighing Risk, Making Decisions
      • Thinking Clearly and Rationally

Professional Development Programs

NTA offers an array of productivity improvement programs that can be utilized by all employees to help increase efficiency, improve morale, and create stronger internal partnerships.